Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Frog is now two weeks of age.  I thought I'd share some of his physical characteristics that I find most appealing.

1. Hair.

Unlike most frogs, this one was born with a full head of hair - more than his father (who has sadly commented on this fact a few times).  Not only is it a pretty impressive mop in volume, but also in style.  His head is covered with cow-licks, and not only that, the hair on the top grows in a different direction to the hair on either side of his head, and in no case will this direction allow his hair to actually lie flat.  Harry Potter, eat your heart out!

2. Ears

Again, unlike most frogs, this one was born with pinnae.  And in addition to being lovely and soft to play with (annoys him no end during feeds, but come on, a nursing mother needs *some* fun, right?), his ears are bizarrely hairy - along with his forehead, shoulders and back.  It's possible that this is just lanugo.  Or it could be the fluffy soft shadow of things to come.  My son, the neanderthal.

3. Tiny Wee Fingy-Wingies
The Frog and I were comparing manicures when this picture was taken.  I'd spent a bit of time filing his nails down in an effort to minimise his face-gouging efforts - in fact, I've been dreading showing up to the ante-natal reunion party with a baby devoid of eyeballs, ears and lips: "Well, we only took our eyes off him for a second .. !!".  The finger you see here (the small one) has often been seen randomly digging into some soft and vulnerable portion of his face - fortunately as yet without permanent effect - and it's still very tiny and oh so cute!  Awwwww...

4. Wee handsies and footsies.

Lastly, proof that the little guy has a normal finger and toe count on at least one side of his body.  I'm also pretty sure that these two extremities were the culprits of much of my pregnancy discomfort.  I am still vaguely stunned at the human body's ability to create a perfectly formed miniature.  Considering there are no power tools in there, it's a fantastic job.