Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Woo! Red Letter Day!

I have to write about this quickly, while I'm still feeling rather perky.

I had A Full Night Of Sleep last night! Something I've not had in weeks, and don't expect to have again till June .. 2040.

There are two things which have been putting a crimp on my sleeping habits. The first is the insistence on every site I visit that pregnant ladies MUST NOT sleep on their backs, and since the stomach is out for obvious reasons, this leaves left or right side. I am lead to believe that the left side is de rigeur. If you don't want varicose veins or haemorrhoids that is. Problem with this is that I wake up with my hip-bones attempting to drill through the inches of hip fat and commune directly with the mattress.

Not Very Comfortable.

So at that point, I decide to risk the right side. But here's where the second problem comes in. Having the big gut and a very un-bendy body means that turning over is no longer the casual fish-flop action it used to be - carried out in a state of blissful unconsciousness. Nope. I wake up fully, heave myself onto my elbows, adjust pillows, groan with effort and misery (SOMEONE needs to wake up and pay attention to this performance, after all!), and with the help of a small crane I manage to shift bloated belly, hips and bum a full 180 degrees, before huffing down into my pillow again.

So what went wrong last night? I ended up on my back. Blissfully unaware at some point during the night, I gently transitioned from venously correct left-side position, to dangerous and unrecommended back position, and slept right through a full 8 hours. And I feel awesome. Piles be damned!

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