Friday, September 17, 2010

Three Months In

It's weird to think that at this point, the Frog has spent a third as much time outside the womb as he's spent inside. 

So, to celebrate this 1/3rd anniversary, I thought I'd jot down some milestones (not necessarily the ones dictated by the Powers That Be).

I got my first genuine laugh today.  He's been doing a lot of open mouthed smiling, sometimes with accompanying hyperventilation (I know, it sounds a lot like a laugh, but the Frog hyperventilates whenever he's excited so it was hard to tell the difference).  Anyway, today it was a real little chortle when I blew a raspberry into his hand, which he repeated when I did it again, and again, and again ..  and then he got bored with that game.  Still - I was almost as excited as he was, and willing to repeat the same inane action ad nauseum.  I sense that my future is going to hold a lot of this kind of activity. 

The Frog is still grabbing at stuff, but he seems to restrict a lot of his activity to his right hand.  He often holds it stiffly out in front of him, like a wee fascist dictator (actually, that's not far from the mark).  Much of the time, when he holds his arm out, he's not actually making a grab for anything, but seems to be just admiring his hand.  In fact, he gets quite fascinated, and croons lovingly to it.  Whatever floats your boat, I guess?

The Frog is also quite determined to stuff most things in his mouth.  Trouble is, that he's not totally co-ordinated just yet.  This evening, I gave him a bit of blanket to play with while I changed him, and when I looked up from the business end a little later, I found him gripping the blanket which had tucked up under his arms, while he vigorously sucked on his wrists.  The spirit is certainly willing, if only the flesh would be a bit more obedient!

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