Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do the Locomotion ...

Not a lot has been happening in the Frog world - or if it has, it's just far too subtle a change for his mother to notice.  I thought I would document his locomotory progress though, as he's starting to get about a little bit.

The Frog is a happy little roller now, voluntarily flipping front to back or back to front as the mood takes him.  Today he was playing with a small red wooden ball, and once he'd slobbered all over said ball, he found it quite a challenge to hold onto.  The slippery little sucker would shoot out of his hands like a bar of well-lathered soap, and roll ...ooh...  maybe 50cms across the floor.  Then there would be a marathon of squirming where the Frog would stretch, lean, and grunt, and stretch a little bit more, before working out that he would actually have to move to collect his prize toy.  The Frog's take on moving isn't a model of efficiency.  As far as I can see, he uses one of two strategies.  Both involve being tummy-down.

Strategy one is where he pushes his chest off the floor with both hands.  This appears to inch him slightly away from the target zone.

In strategy two, he gets his legs under him, and pushes.  This seems closer to the mark, except that while he's doing this, his arms are just flopping on the floor like limp herrings - so all this seems to accomplish is ploughing his face into the floor.

Astonishingly, however, using both these methods, and a bit more flip-flopping, the Frog is usually able to attain his target (unless it's rolled under the sofa).  Just demonstrates where a bit of tenacity and/or bloody-mindedness will get you.  That's m'boy!

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