Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I touch myself...

Not, not in the Divinyls' way .. Just in the compulsive way that many gravid women seem to: rubbing their hands over the ever increasing belly. Part of it, I admit, is novelty factor. I've never had a taut round gut like this. It's hard to believe I've gone from flat to bulgy in just a few months.

The other part is the discomfort factor. I've moaned enough in previous posts (why break a habit?) about all the fun pregnancy feelings, which are pretty much all centred around the gut.
Either I feel incredibly bloated in my stomach (just after downing a glass of water, say), or I just simply feel that there isn't room in my midsection for all the stuff that needs to fit in there. Liver? Do we really need it? Pancreas? Gall Bladder? Come on guys, something has to go!

And you know, I'm only 20 weeks in. This is peanuts compared with what's to come. Which is a scary thought. If only I could somehow increase skin elasticity, just to relieve cramped conditions for a little while.

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