Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Results Are In!

Well, they came in last week, actually.

And everything looks good; that's about as much information as they provided me. I'm going to have to wait for a visit to the midwife to get a little more information about exactly WHAT chromosomal abnormalities besides D.S. they tested for, but we're happy little campers for the moment. Woo!

Also, since they did a chromosome analysis and since we're nothing if not curious, we found out the sex. A boy.

And look, I gotta be honest - I think I was on the road to convincing myself it was going to be a girl - in fact, I think we both were. We had a cool name picked and everything. I'd been starting to think of happy crafty days, making twee little puppets etc with a wee girl in tow. And now, stereotype though it is, I'm imagining some little monkey who'll be more interested in grubbing in the dirt for mould or interesting beetles. Is it bad to admit to a little disappointment over gender?

I suppose the thing I'm most worried about is maintaining a good mother-son relationship. Which is weird, since in our family, the mothers and sons have usually done pretty well, so I'm not sure why I'd feel that I'd be distanced from my own little feller. But, being me, I propelled myself into the distant future, with a sulky teenager locked in his room, refusing to discuss bullying or some such concern, and me feeling unable to communicate well with him. Borrowing trouble much? I realise it's all slightly (??) ridiculous to go through all this, but it's my nature to worry about things that are totally off the scale.

TL;DR: It's good news! And it's a boy! :)

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