Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Emerging Poet

The Frog has been dictating a few sonnets (or perhaps limericks?) , and he requested that I put at least one out to a wider audience for some constructive criticism.  It's a little avant garde, but please bear with me.

Aggle gghuuurrr
Aggle gghuuurrr
A-bmmmm aaoooo

I'm not a master of interpreting abstract poetry, but I suspect that somewhere close to the mid-point there was a 'howling at the moon' theme.  Which would fit with his hairy ears - and come to think of it, it was full-moon last night.

Yup, we're past nine weeks now, and he does like to vocalise - but in very definite little spurts.  His Dad is certain that he's attempting to imitate us as we say "Hullo! Hullo there!" with the 'haaaoouuuu' sounds he makes.  And perhaps those sounds are a little bi-syllabic. And maybe they start with a glottal fricative. But at nine weeks, he'd be precocious indeed to even consider such an imitation, I feel!

Milestones?  Lots of eye-contact, and more smiling (although I'm not a big smiler - I'll smile at him, if he's smiling, but otherwise I'm fairly straight-faced, and I wonder if this is the reason we haven't had a huge amount from him).  Also, he really does seem to be deliberately reaching for things that interest him.  He has a colourful little plush dog that rattles and scrunches and tinkles which he seems to quite like.  It also pants and yips when you press its nose, so we do that quite a bit.  He was watching the procedure avidly, then reached out, and batted the dog on the nose.  I couldn't say if that was because he had drawn a connection between the nose-press and the sound, or the nose as a big blue circle stands out against the rest of the yellow muzzle and so attracts his attention, but we'd make it yip every time he touched it, just in case.

Head bobbling is slowly getting better - I'm trying to not support him as much as I can (without being heartless), but really - if a 5-week old baby has better neck control than the Frog at 9 weeks, then he really does need to get on track with those neck work-outs. Resistance is Futile.

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