Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rant Time

Alright, this will be brief. Because I know I really shouldn't give credence to bimbettes without two brain cells to rub together, but I have a spleen to vent, and vent I shall.

I have had it up to here with the militant breast-feeding groups.  Frankly, I think the way you choose to feed your child should be a personal choice, and you shouldn't have one method or another forced on you just because of catchy marching slogans like "Breast is Best!".

Now before I really begin - I agree.  I think that breast milk is the best option (for me) on so many levels - it's convenient (no sterilising or purchasing of all the equipment that goes with formula feeds), it's cheap, it's totally nutritious for the baby, and it provides an unparalleled bonding experience for mum and baby.  But despite ALL the sites out there (and yes, there are a lot) which are extraordinarily breast-feeding focussed, and tell you that EVERYONE can breast feed .. well, not everyone can.  And that's the sad fact.

I'm one of these bastards who hate their child who have gone the formula route - I would have loved to have been able to feed The Frog myself, but I just can't produce the milk.  We don't know why exactly, though there are possibly genetic factors (I myself needed formula top-ups in my early life), combined with the fact that The Frog just doesn't produce much in the way of suction, and if he doesn't draw the milk out, the body assumes that milk production isn't really required - and only makes what it thinks is necessary, which isn't enough to keep him from becoming dehydrated.  I know, I've tried.  I have spoken to midwives, lactation consultants, looked online, and pretty much done everything recommended in an attempt to increase my yield.  But alas, I never really produced anything.  The Frog is still given the boob before each formula feed, in the hope that he'll get some benefit, however small, and that my brain will keep sending the signal that yes, milk is required, please!

And THEN, you get complete no-brain idiots like this woman who is using whatever clout she has to campaign for a cause she must have given two minutes thought to. Outlaw bottle-feeding?  So she'd happily watch thousands of babies starve for her ideologies?  So she's anti-chemical, is she?  Well I wonder if she's considered the fact that one of the ways that women can TRY to up their milk supply is by using a chemical: Domperidone, which is now banned for breast-feeding women by the FDA in the United States because there is simply not enough evidence to state that it's safe for infant consumption via the copious breast milk it may (or in my case, may NOT) produce (there's no evidence that it's unsafe either, but I guess these big administrations need to cover their butts, and better safe than sorry).

So the end of my rant is thus:  I would love to be able to give The Frog my milk, and he does get the small amount I have.  But I am fed up of being made to feel like an uncaring mother because I've gone to formula.  So to all you breast-feeding mums for whom it worked:  Congratulations! I salute you! And I envy you.

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