Monday, November 22, 2010


Today's post was inspired by the rather brilliant illustrations (and amusing posts) to be found at Hyperbole and a Half (if you haven't met it, it's worth a look :) )

A friend popped around the other day with their 1 year old.  The baby was most definitely mobile, and our house is most definitely not child-proof.  The result was that the parent followed their child about the place, constantly admonishing them "Gently, gently now, darling.  Gentle please..", while I looked on nervously.  I know at some point The Frog is going to work out locomotion, but right now the only thing he is doing with his feet is attempting to eat them, a fact for which I'm sincerely grateful!

Anyway, that afternoon made me ponder what we're in for, the day The Frog gets it into his head that he can take control of his own movement...

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