Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tag and Release

I'm lucky in that both Hubs and I are work-from-homers, which means that we both share the burden joy of Frog care.  I've only had him all to myself a few times, and boy, have I developed the UTMOST respect for people who do it all day, every day.  For people who have more than one.  And for people who are doing it solo.  You guys are super-human!

So, I know I'm lucky.  But that's just the preface.  I'm going to whinge now about just how unfair the male/female divide is when it comes to baby-care.

When Hubs has Frog Duty, he marches off to the nearest cafe, installs himself in his favourite seat, and reads various e-journals and papers while the Frog naps in his pack.  He may even do a bottle feed at some point during their outing.  Then perhaps dandle the little fella on his knee, letting him amuse himself with the toy-of-the-day while he goes back to reading.   And do you know what?  Women flock to him.  Chicks fall over themselves to coo over the delightful Frog (yes, alright, well he IS delightful, I have to give them that).  But more than that, Hubs has been told more than once that he's doing the parenting the Right Way.  After many such encounters, he decided to start a 'tag and release' scheme, so he can keep track of which women have already been sucked in by the heady combination of baby plus male care-giver.

I also sometimes go out and about with the Frog in his pack.  Just him and me together off to the shops or out for a walk.  Do people stop me in the street to tell me what a gorgeous baby I have?  Why no!  Do people smile and make silly chit-chat at my boy as he boggles from his pack?  Absolutely not!  Do I get disapproving looks when I not only crack out the formula bottle, but also feed him when he's sitting in his pack?  Indeed I do!  I'm sure there are plenty of reasons for the asymmetry of responses, but I do think sometimes that guys have it good.

And if any of them follow Hubs home, NO, he does NOT get to keep them.

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