Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Autumnal Update

Long gaps between posts just mean that I end up with huge novellas, as I try to document everything in one post.  Maybe one day I'll actually fix that.

As it is, here's an attempt at a quick summary:

Pregnancy: Now at about 24 weeks. No chromosomal abnormalities, and it's another boy.  Possibly with a club foot, so for the moment is going by the nickname 'Byron'. I don't have a lot of time to whinge about how I feel with this one as the Monkey certainly doesn't give me the luxury to wallow.  Selfish little git!

The Monkey: Ah, but he's a funny little chap. 

Language run-down first: We have multisyllabic words - hurrah!  Apple is now actually (finally!) 'apple'!.  Sultanas are 'tana', iPad is 'ipad' (surprised that last one took so long to produce, given its level of importance in his life). 
We also have final consonants: 'bussss', 'bik' (biscuit), 'bed' (bread), 'cot', 'hot', and so forth. He's also starting to put two word sentences together - mostly adjective + noun ('big car', 'red car'), and sometimes verb + noun ('bite apple', 'kick cat').
It's funny that he can produce the [s] beautifully at the end of syllables, but not at the start.  F'rinstance 'sun' is now produced as 'hun' or 'hum'.  In fact, this seems to go for almost every fricative, which means that "sun", "fan", "van" and "sam" are all pretty identical, and can only be distinguished with the help of context.
I'm also interested in his intonation patterns.  When I chat to him about his life's most important pursuit, I use the following stress: "Yes.. that's a RED car!".  He, on the other hand, reverses the stress: "red CAR!".  He's certainly not imitating me, but I wonder if it's meaningful.  Could be that he just emphasises the bit he thinks is most important.  Could be a simple effect of vowel 'openness'.  Who knows.  Of passing interest, anyway.

General behaviour: The tantrums are starting.  So far, I think we've only had 2 really classic ones.  He doesn't throw himself to the ground (yet!), but he runs into a corner, and doubles over red-faced, screaming his anger and frustration to the world.  One was over a cup (I wouldn't give it to him full of water).  I can't remember what the other one was about.  And of course, we get plenty of mini-tanties, but I don't think they count unless the screaming goes on for more than 5 minutes (feels like forever at the time!)

He's starting to play with other kids, but not in a huge setting - usually when there's just one or two visiting.  Any more, and I think he gets a bit overwhelmed. 

He's a bit of a stickler for routines.  At bedtime, he likes to bring a small fleet of cars from the living room to the bedroom - perhaps in an effort to convince himself it's still not quite bedtime?  Anyway, after the book's been read, he then becomes mad keen for everything to be put away.  This means that the vehicles must all be placed on top of the low shelves where his books are - and he gets quite upset if a car is just left on the floor.  I've made the mistake of not spotting one, and had to listen to the sad little voice saying "away? AWAY?!?" miserably through the monitor. 

He's physically affectionate, if not really cuddly, per se.  He'll plonk himself down on a lap by preference, or come and sit next to you on the sofa, but doesn't really ask for hugs, or even give any when requested.  Unfortunately for him, both his parents are inclined to hug him, so his life must be a bit fraught, as he wonders where the next affection attack is coming from.

I could go on and on, but I think I'll leave any other little stories for another post (ho ho ho).

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