Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cute Overload!

Okay - firstly, I'm not talking about cuddly kitten pictures, but - yep, you guessed it - my adorable first-born.  And okay, I'm hardly the first parent to be struck by the abominable cuteness of small toddler-hood, but this one I just had to share.

So the Monkey was trying on hats.  He found some crazy purple and black three-pronged jester hat from my old work days (one of those things they give away as it's a sales pitch for a company).  And once it was safely on, he rushed off, muttering "takul, takul!".  This, I was to learn, means "crocodile".  He brought back the crocodile hand-puppet and with unmistakeable gesturing, let me know I was to put it on.  Fine.  So I did.  He then proceeded - keep in mind the over-size jester's hat slipping over his eyes - to look around the room, and name things for the crocodile. 
"Tar!" he said.
"Guitar" growled the crocodile.  The Monkey nodded in satisfaction, and took stock again of his surroundings.
"Wis" he said, spotting a picture.
"Fish", said the crocodile.  The Monkey grinned - what a clever croc!
"Pee-ay-day" he said challengingly, after a moment's thought.
"Playdough!", said the crocodile (who'd been watching carefully).

And so on, and so on.  The Monkey very happily educated the crocodile on all the items he could see, including a lot of pictures that appeared on the computer screensaver.  The crocodile was only stumped once at something like "Tass".  In the end, without being able to take a stab at the item, he was reduced to copying the sounds, which didn't seem to impress the Monkey - he did try repeating it another time, but Croc was just too stupid. 

Maybe next time...

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