Saturday, October 30, 2010

And Life Goes On

The Frog's quest to get one (or both) of his feet to his laboratory continues.  He's managed to haul them up to the entrance a couple of times - but they inevitably balk at the prospect of being subjected to 'procedures', and rush off every time to a safe distance.

His vocalisations have been coming on apace.  He's finished experimenting with squealing, and appears to have assigned it mostly to the category 'Noises of Displeasure'.  And when His Nibs is displeased, BOY does he tell us.  It's only been a couple of days and I already miss the kind of low-key grizzle he used to produce when things weren't quite right.

Looking back at old videos of him, I'm amazed at how much he's changed.  And here I am trying to catch and catalogue everything - but I still miss so much.  I think it's all the very gradual changes that slip past.  I know I managed to make a comment about him being 'grabby' in an earlier post - but that doesn't really capture his ever-so-gradual increasing hand control.  Being as explicit as I can - at just over 4 months, he can reach out fairly accurately for things in front of him.  He'll reach out with both hands, or just one.   When he grasps, it's mostly his four fingers which wrap around the object - the thumb is sometimes involved as the opposing digit, but more often than not he keeps it pinned to the side of his hand.  His grasping is also a little exploratory - he'll maybe bat at something first, then kind of stroke it with his palm, curling his fingers around the object a bit, before he decides that he actually wants to hold it.  That said, there's been many a time when I've held something out to him, and bam, he grabs it from me right away.  And he's quite happy to drop things that bore him.  I hope we're not already starting that game of "Frog drops, and mummy/daddy pick up!".  I tend to chain toys to his bouncy chair with plastic links, so that they can't go very far.

I am determined to try to make the Frog some toys.  I have a couple of ideas in mind, and a like-minded mother (in keeping with blogger anonymity, let us call her, say, Snufkin) has also been interested.  I suspect there may be a pooling of resources and time at some point: "Here, I'll watch the Frogs for 2 minutes, while you frantically edge that bit of blanket!".  If I/we ever do manage to make something worthy of bloggery, no doubt I'll post some pictures - as a reminder of how (or how NOT in the case of meringues) to do things.  I think Op-Shopping is about to become my new hobby.  What a good thing we have so much storage space (shhhhh, don't mention it to Hubs!).

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