Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's almost 15 weeks now, and the Frog is starting to look a little moth-eaten. Yep, despite all our hopes, the lovely mop he was born with doesn't appear to be sticking around.  More and more hair winds up at the head-end of his cot, and less and less is staying on his head.  That said, he still does have a pretty funky mohawk hairdo, so, let's see.

Other milestones? I collected the very first clump of lint from his belly button.  I suppose I should have bronzed it for posterity, but I don't imagine he'd thank me if I presented it to him with great fanfare on his 21st birthday.

He's managed to roll over front-to-back once more, but just another accident. He was squirming forward on his tummy trying to reach a toy I'd stuck in front of him, and managed to get one arm lodged in an uncomfortable position - pointing out in front of him, and sort of diagonally.  He gave a particularly vigorous wriggle, and with no arm to support him on that side, the balance was tipped and over he went! He seemed quite non-plussed to find himself staring at the ceiling when only a moment ago he'd been tantalisingly within reach of a plush toy.

He's been very grabby for the last week or so. Anything within reach: toys; bottle; lips; hair; ears.  Nothing is safe.  It can be a little infuriating when I'm trying to feed him, as he likes to grab the teat of the bottle and then try to jam it (or more usually his fist) into his mouth.  And it becomes problematic for him when his hands find each other.  They latch together with great enthusiasm, and have trouble letting go again.  Velcro has nothing on him.  On the rare occasions when he simply tangles them together (rather than getting stuck), he looks like a small Bond villain plotting the downfall of our hero.  Preferably involving sharks. And lasers.

The only other new development has been the chewing of his lower lip. Well, perhaps the 'gumming' of his lower lip is a more accurate term.  I have no idea what's started this off, but he sucks it into his mouth and then drools copiously. I suppose it's really time to think about bibs.

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