Thursday, October 7, 2010

Grooming Instincts

So here's something new. I've never been much of a groomer.  I've never felt compelled to sit my loved one down, and examine him carefully for lice or ingrown hairs.  I'm not even very good at telling someone they've got spinach between their teeth (when IS the socially acceptable moment for that, anyway? Do you interrupt them mid-conversation? Wait for a private moment?).  Heck, even my personal grooming could use a bit of work.  But I digress...

Fact is, since I've had the Frog around, I find myself getting in touch with my inner ape.  Every time he's sat down in my lap for a feed, I'll find myself closely examining him, and pulling things off him that definitely Don't Belong (don't worry, though, I don't eat any of them).   I've cleaned out his ears, his nose, and his eyes.  I go over his scalp when there's nothing good on telly. 

I just hope I'll be able to get myself under control before he starts high school.

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