Monday, December 13, 2010

Cornflour ... Is there anything it can't do?

Here was I, relegating cornflour to gravy-thickening alone, but apparently it has many other uses.  In pavlovas, for one, on babies' bottoms for another, and heck, even a key ingredient in home-made explosives.

I'll leave the pavlova story for another post.  Suffice to say that me and egg-white should probably call it quits for  the time being.

I didn't realise that talcum powder had suddenly become scary. But I assumed there was a reason that cornflour was being promoted as the essential bum-drying material, rather than the traditional talc.  I didn't have the opportunity to road-test cornflour until very recently, as the Frog had remained blissfully rash-free. However, with the warm weather coming on, I noticed some pinkish patches on his bum, so decided to act earlier rather than later.  I sort of expected that cornflour + sticky bodily secretions = nasty gluey paste.

Let me just say that after liberal application of cornflour to the Frog's bum, I'm a convert.  I think in the warmer months I shall just slather myself in the stuff as well, because you can become seriously frictionless with a good coating of cornflour.  Just add in some salt, pepper and a little sage, and you'd smell very enticing if it got warm enough!

Every time I dust the Frog's nethers, I'm reminded of that scene in Run, Fatboy, Run where Hank Azaria's character gives himself a far-too-enthusiastic powdering after a gym session.  I'd post a link for you, but I think I finally found a search term that's too esoteric even for the intertubes.  Just imagine it. :)

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