Monday, December 6, 2010

Waxing Lyrical on Weaning

As of about the 5-month mark, I decided to complete the weaning process.  No more boob feeds at all.  It was just more trouble than it was worth - turning each feed into a half hour marathon of wrestling him into place for the skerrick of milk I could produce, followed by his sighs of contentment as he finally saw the bottle heading his way.

I guess I didn't think that it would be much of a wrench for me, given how little breast feeding I was doing towards the end there.  But I was wrong.  Definitely had withdrawal symptoms after I made the choice. And no, nothing physical - just a little feeling of loss, as I gave up my one unique baby-mum bond, in a process of letting go that will continue throughout his life. With a modicum of grace on my part, I hope!

On other topics, this last week has been incredibly busy with Frog developments - I think I'd gotten used to the stasis we'd found ourselves in - not quite rolling, and certainly not heading towards any kind of locomotion.  But all of a sudden, as of the last week or so, something has clicked in the wee Frog's head.  He's realised that he can use this peculiar 'rolling' thing to edge himself closer to a desirable toy.  And I even got up this morning to find that he'd completely turned over in his cot, and there's nothing of any interest in there at all!

He's also getting much better at sitting - he can sit unsupported for quite long stretches of time.   It's only when he sees an out-of-reach toy that problems arise.  You can see he wants the toy, but he doesn't want to lose his perch, so he woggles his arms about, watching the toy intently (I suppose he's trying to use the Force or something), and when that doesn't result in anything much, he'll start gingerly creeping one hand towards the object of desire.  Mostly this results in an imbalance, and over he'll go (hopefully landing within reach of said toy).  At other times, he manages to snag the toy and retain his seat, and he looks VERY pleased with himself, chomping away on his prize from his lofty height.  Snufkin pointed out that he sits with a very straight back - like a yoga master.  Hubs added that if that was the case, the yoga master had had one too many.

Last note - standing. He somehow worked out how to lock his legs when bounced on his feet.  With a lot of these things, I wonder how much of the development would happen anyway, no matter what you did, or whether our actions and play facilitate the sitting/standing developments?    Anyway, he's a far cry from cruising, but it's very weird to see him standing, propped against the sofa.  I'm so used to him being horizontal, that seeing him in any other orientation is unnatural!

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