Monday, December 20, 2010

Goodbye 2010

I think this will be my last blog post for the year, as I'm heading orf overseas for family festivities, and people tend to get offended when you only tear yourself away from your laptop to briefly wolf down two helpings of bread sauce and turkey, before returning to sketch your entire family in MS Paint as bug-eyed potato-people.

So just a quickie then, as I still need to pack.

The Frog is at the stage where he seems to be developing a new trick every day.  He very much prefers to be left sitting up in the middle of the floor, where he can survey his grounds in a lordly manner - occasionally picking up a nearby peon (read teddy bear), chewing it thoughtfully for a while before tossing it aside in favour of something a little less, shall we say, fluffy.

He does go on his tummy.  By choice.  At about 5am in the morning.  And then HOWLS because he's suddenly forgotten how to turn over onto his back again.  Needless to say, these days of early risings do NOT impress me.  He finds himself doing extra tummy-time as penance.  But I'm heartless. "NO BUM-SHUFFLERS in THIS house!", I say, and plonk him down on his front while I put his breakfast together.   But once he's stopped grizzling, and puts his mind to the task at hand (namely covering all nearby objects in a viscous layer of slime), he's actually getting a little better at the whole tummy-time thing.  He can push his entire upper body off the floor, and once or twice, I swear I saw him angle his legs so that his weight was taken just a little bit on his knees.

He is still immensely grabby, and to my secret delight, has found Hubs' ears (Hubs has chuckled a little TOO often at the sight of the Frog's hands clasped lovingly around a hank of my hair). We now have a new appreciation for Superman's adoptive parents.

Anyway.  That's it from me - must make sure I remember all essentials, like in-flight podcasts, and sound- muffling headphones.  Every man for himself in the dog-eat-dog world of plane travel!

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